Finding Top Mobile Phone and SIM Deals at for Christmas

The holiday season is the perfect time to gift your techie family member a new mobile phone and SIM plan to keep them connected in the new year. With so many options across networks, storage capacities, colours and more, the selection can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, our affiliate partner, makes snagging excellent mobile and SIM deals easy with their extensive range of pay monthly contracts and unlocked phones. Follow this Christmas gift guide for using to buy your tech expert the latest high-performing smartphone and flexible SIM this holiday season.

Compare Networks

The first step to finding the best mobile and SIM card deals is deciding which UK network provides the right balance of features your gift recipient needs. lets you easily compare the major networks—like EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three—across factors like network coverage, roaming, speeds, perks and price. If your family’s techie frequently travels abroad, focus on networks with generous roaming like Vodafone. Speed demons need robust LTE and 5G connectivity from EE or O2. Helping compare networks first simplifies narrowing down devices and plans later.

Evaluate Data Needs

Once you decide on the ideal network for your techy recipient, consider how much monthly data they realistically require so you don’t pay for excess unused data each month. makes this easy by letting you filter and compare SIM plans across networks by data allowance. Pay monthly plans range from a few GB of data for lighter users up to unlimited data plans for power users always streaming media and gobbling data. If you’re unsure of exact usage, pick a mid-range 10GB-25GB/month option to give flexibility without overspending each month. Those amounts go quite far for most people outside of media-heavy use cases.

Find the Latest Handsets

With so many mobile manufacturers and models available, the selection can get overwhelming quickly. simplifies the process by surfacing the latest handsets from top brands like Apple, Samsung and Google at the top selections across networks and plans. Sort by brand to easily view all iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel devices available. Tech enthusiasts will appreciate the latest and greatest devices rocking new powerful chipsets, improved camera systems with new shooting modes and long-lasting battery life. Popular choices in late 2023 span the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max, Galaxy S23/S23+ or Pixel 8 Pro—all available through SIM-free or on pay monthly plans.

Compare Unlimited Data Plans

If you determine your gifted techie requires unlimited monthly data for media streaming, video calls or mobile gaming while on the go, easily find unlimited data plans across major networks using the available filters. Sort available pay monthly contracts by unlimited data and adjust additional filters like minutes, texts, upfront device costs and monthly fees to match usage needs and budget. Many unlimited deals also come with extras like subscriptions to Spotify, Netflix or Sky Sports—valuable perks for entertainment buffs. With unlimited data, tech lovers can fully exploit their phones without ever worrying about surprise overage fees down the road.

Score Christmas Deal Promotions runs exciting promo deals around the holiday season—like device giveaways, discounted monthly rates, extra plan data and more—that makes Christmas the best time of year to switch devices and plans. Keep tabs on as December rolls around to catch limited-time discounts and bonuses around Black Friday and Cyber Monday for potentially hundreds in savings. Deals get announced daily across networks and devices leading up to Christmas, so bookmark their deals page for easy access to the latest and greatest bundle promos all holiday season long for serious savings.

Protect the Purchase

Don’t forget to add mobile phone insurance when buying a pricey new flagship handset to protect your gifted tech lover’s device from damage, loss or theft. offers flexibility to purchase bundled protection from major providers like Phone Care, Tinhat and Citymain on pay monthly device plans spanning networks like EE, O2 and Vodafone. Depending on the policy, protection includes coverage for cracked screens, water damage, mechanical breakdown outside warranty and carrier switching bonuses. For extra peace of mind gifting a beloved family member a new mobile, insurance helps safeguard their precious smartphone investment.

When shopping the extensive selection of mobile devices and SIM plans available this Christmas at, following this guide will help anybody—even tech newbies—successfully identify top-performing smartphones like the new iPhone 15 Pro and flexible unlimited data plans their techie loved one will enjoy all year long. With all the competitive promotions and holiday savings available, now is the best time to use to gift mobile tech that keeps loved ones conveniently connected.

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